What are the best startups/companies dealing in mobile application development in India?

The concept of ‘best mobile app development company’ is a subjective thing. A lot of factors decide the worth of a company and also your requirements have a lot to do with it. At best, what we can do is, find out the web/mobile app development company that is ‘best’ for me.

With a great demand for mobile apps there has been a sudden rise in the number of companies offering mobile application development services. However, not all the offer the same quality that you would expect from a top notch developer. You have to be extra cautious while choosing your mobile app development partner. Too much of price sensitivity may end up spoiling the whole project. And if the project is huge or quite critical, DO NOT ever consider getting it done from a freelancer. My only advice will be to perform a due diligence for the app development company or companies that you have shortlisted for your app project: their portfolio of apps, the variety and complexity of their apps, their overall design and so on and so forth.

I would like to mention Cognitive Clouds here because we have built highly scalable, mobile and web software that have reached across a variety of industry verticals, software platforms and device types. We helped many businesses and startups bring a new product vision to market, accelerate their existing development efforts and prepare the team to bring agile practices home to strengthen their in-house development. And everything at a substantially affordable prices compared to even the average app development companies based in US.

We provide a free consultation for all your web app/mobile app/cloud/backend related queries free of cost here Cognitive Clouds: Free Consultation

Showcase of some of the work that we have done:


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