How To Select A Software Product Development Company?

How To Select A Software Product Development Company In India?

Outsourcing, the word is bound to make you think of India. In today’s tech heavy environment, there’s no dearth of software development firms eager to create your next web or mobile application. With all the horror stories around outsourcing, it is imperative to choose the right vendor. What defines a right vendor? How do you identify a highly-skilled, creative company who delivers within the budget, and meets the deadline? Today, you’re spoilt for choice and what makes selecting a provider difficult is that most outsourcing companies claim similar experience and capabilities.

It all boils down to two broad factors: How much experience, and skill do their developers actually come with, and how good their process is. You can check their technical skills by looking at their previous projects, the tech stack they work with and whether they have enough skilled developers to take on your project. If they tick the right boxes in technical expertise, take into consideration the intangibles. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Identify the gaps

2. Ask the right questions

3. Flexibility

4. Context

5. Size up the vendor

6. Check references

7. Process

8. Intangibles


Originally published on Product Insights Blog from CognitiveClouds: Top web app development company

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