6 Brilliant Ways To Leverage B2B SEO


In the last few months after COVID, there have been interesting shifts in the B2B sector. More and more B2B businesses are looking for ways to get started with digital channels like SEO and Social. In the past, we have seen B2B companies relying heavily on conventional sales channels like exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, etc. SEO for B2B for the most was not a hot favorite.


Studies suggest that those engaged in the B2B buying journey are already 57 percent down the road to a decision until they finally take action on your website. Identifying what’s happening during this period is particularly significant for any B2B company.

What makes B2B SEO different?

Most of the consumer level B2C decisions are made by a single person, while multiple decision-makers control common B2B transactions.

B2B SEO best practices that we recommend

Personalized and well-researched content

Buyers look to professionals to handle ambiguity and complexities. We buy Coca-Cola because we like it, we love the taste, but B2B buyers buy Cisco because they believe in the brand. While creating content of any kind, make sure it is designed to instill trust. And how do you do that?

  • Their roles and responsibilities in their organizations
  • Work history
  • How do they communicate?
  • Who’s making the buying decisions?
  • What’s their goal?
  • What’s their challenge?
  • What’s their objection?
  • How can we solve their challenges?
  • Where do they get their news?
  • What media outlets?
  • What influences them?

Improve site speed to improve SEO

Google has highlighted that site speed is one of the essential search signals in its algorithm. Studies also show that Google takes into account time to first byte when considering page speed. Furthermore, a slow page speed means search engines can crawl fewer pages using their allotted crawl budget, which may severely impact your indexation.

Chatbots for SEO benefits

Chatbots can enhance the user experience, increase engagement, and provide necessary SEO data. While talking about interaction, we usually think of a click or a tap; however, chatbots engage with a level of interactive conversation that is just not possible in other forms of content engagement.

  • Recommending automated FAQs.
  • Taking appointments
  • Guiding buyers towards the next steps.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is a perfect way to tackle your SEO adversaries.


Monitor SEO Reports Regularly

Effective SEO is derived from proper planning and putting in the hard work. An SEO report is useful in examining this planning and work to see the results generated.

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