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If you ever wanted to know and understand the best way to monitor your software development application’s current state with an open-source tool, then you might want to consider Kubernetes monitoring. Monitoring challenges can be endless when dealing with software development and bottlenecked production environments. As a company, you often have to consider how to handle application software challenges.

Software challenges that range from inexperienced team members to project deadlines and management concerns. There is a movement to head off any problems best demonstrated by the growing adoption of microservices.

Your app’s performing well, and you’re starting to think about how you can move things forward. But you’ve got a big problem: you don’t know much about cloud monitoring.

Ineffective cloud monitoring is dangerous for your business. You could be at risk of colossal data security breaches, and your DevOps team then needs to clean up the mess. As a result, they lose time that would be better spent on tasks that would grow your bottom line.

Of course, you can’t discount that your users will notice a decline in app quality. …

According to recent reports from the State of DevOps, incorporating DevOps practices has shown impressive numbers, including; 7x lower change failure rates, 2,604x faster time to recover from incidents, and 208x more frequent code deployments.

The power of these organizations is overwhelming. If your business has not already incorporated the practice into its workflow, it is in its best interest to. Find out where it can start here and now.

Most important DevOps are about having all aspects of operations visible and your organization being able to control them. …

AIOps is a powerful blend of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, built to ensure reliability.

As the love child of DevOps engineers, site reliability engineers (SRE), and network operations center teams (NOC), this tool helps provide internal support for data ingestion and incident response.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the workflow capability of AIOps. Keep reading as we break down the real intelligence of this technological beast and discover what benefits it may hold for you!

AIOps Workflow

The key theme to understand when learning about AIOps is its focus on reliability…

Artificial intelligence is no longer in the realm of science fiction. Nor is it limited to hyper-technical fields. 37% of businesses were using some form of artificial intelligence as of 2019.

We have finally reached the tipping point when it comes to artificial intelligence. Deloitte refers to this era as ‘ the era of pervasive AI ‘. Very soon, there won’t be a single industry that won’t be impacted by artificial intelligence.

Of course, IT is no exception. …

With every passing day, more businesses are incorporating IT into their daily operations. With digital communications and electronic platforms to do business on, workloads diminish among companies of all kinds, as data management, staff communication, and more, all being much easier to conduct in a digital space. Think of a company like Amazon trying to manage its global operation via pen & paper — it’s absurd.

However, managing these platforms is quickly becoming an increasingly complicated task, as the builds and designs of modern media and applications demand more intricate and detailed supervision. …

Database indexes are invaluable for information systems with low throughput, low latency and high consistency requirements. Both compute, and disk space are required for creating indexes along with any required operational overheads. Often, resource, time, and cost to maintain indexing far outweighs the performance objectives of the log management tool itself.

LOGIQ’s log analytics has a unique no-index approach to log management allowing infinite scale, while ensuring search and query performance. For achieving this, we have to solve the problem of infinite scale for both our data and metadata stores.

LOGIQ maintains its metadata in Postgres. However, that cannot scale…

Monitoring tools such as Prometheus allow a developer to measure application performance with a few lines of code. However, code changes to the application are not always possible. This is frequently the case when third-party software is deployed in your IT infrastructure. All hope is not lost though. Applications, be it legacy or new, come with logs that contain valuable information about health and performance. In this article we will convert logs to a real-time metric for actionable insights.

Let us look at a log line that looks interesting to us. We need to know whenever that happens in our…

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Consumers are embracing voice technology at unprecedented levels, and businesses must remain up to competition, or risk missing out. Many companies see more and more customers turning to voice assistance. But what they do not understand is just how easily a customer behavior change happens. Since the smartphone, the adoption of consumer voice assistants has been faster than any product.

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What is developer marketing?

Let’s say you are entrusted with marketing for a high tech product. But it’s not a consumer app. It’s a set of ready to use APIs meant for messaging media like SMS, voice, and video. Who do you think you should be targeting?

It’s the software developers of various consumer and enterprise-level apps you would like to target. Because they are the ones who need a ready to use messaging solution that they can simply integrate in their own tech products. …

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